What to wear/bring to your shoot:

Trends are a bit more casual these days
  • Fancy dresses or jackets and ties are less common
  • Bring plenty of options. We can choose our favorites together
  • Find a shirt you love? Get it in several colors
 Open necklines
  • Think V-neck, not crew – no turtle necks
  • The more neck we see, the better
  • The V draws attention up and to your face
  • Button up shirts, open collars, tanks, spaghetti straps, camis, scoop necks = all good
Layering is good
  • Sweater over tank, jacket over shirt, sheer over solid, etc.
Texture = good. Pattern = bad
  • Too much pattern can distract from the star of the show – your face
  • Small, repetitive pattern (plaid, stripes) is okay
  • Graphic t’s, logos, words, images are all distracting
  • Texture – knits, corduroy, denim, slubs, heathering, suede – all photograph well
  • Choose what looks best on you
  • Nothing too bright or jarring
  • Choose colors that bring out your eye color, hair and/or skin tone
  • Avoid black or white – the photos are in color, your clothes should be, too
  • Black loses all definition, white reflects onto the face
  • Good trick:  find colors that are the same as your eye color or the exact opposite – they bring out the eyes the most
Fit – make sure it does
  • Baggy clothes won’t show your shape
  • Even if it’s tighter than you’d wear in life, it can photograph well
  • Men – the shoulder seam should be at the shoulder
  • Women – bring the right bra or several choices that work with all your tops
Good Condition
  • Clothes should be clean and wrinkle-free!
  • I will curse you if I have to spend my time editing out wrinkles, dirt, lint, etc.
  • Pay particular attention to collars – they should lay properly
  • Jeans photograph really well.  Bring your favorite pair or two
  • I tend to shoot tight, so the lower half is rarely in the shot. But a bit of denim showing always works
Jewelry – less is more
  • Attention should be on you. Your face, in particular. Your eyes, specifically
  • Small earrings are okay, but leave the family jewels at home

Generally, if you love how you look in something, it should work

The look that makes folks say “Wow. You look amazing” or “Have you lost weight?”

We all have the outfits that make us feel thinner/cuter/buffer/hotter, so why not capture that in a photo?


Please arrive on time, well-rested, dressed and ready to go.

Makeup done
  • Nothing heavier than you’d normally wear
  • Think clean and fresh
  • If you’re uncomfortable doing your own makeup, have a professional do it,informing them you want a light, fresh, natural look for photographs
    I work with several talented and professional makeup artists that I am happy to recommend
Hair styled
  • The way you’d  wear it to auditions is best (okay, maybe a little nicer)
  • If your hair can either go straight or curly, make the decision – you don’t need both looks
Bring product
  • In case you want to modify the look
  • Different lip color, more dramatic eye, powder for shine, etc.
  • Hair product to tame the look, if necessary
  • If you sport a scruffy look, certainly come that way
  • Don’t shave minutes before the shoot – red, blotchy patches and bloody spots aren’t nice
  • Pay attention to the rogue eyebrows, nose hairs, ear hairs (we all get ‘em – no one wants to see ‘em!)
Hair styled
  • The way you’d  wear it to auditions is best (okay, maybe a little nicer)
  • Hair product to tame the look, if necessary
No make-up
  • Not necessary.  Never looks natural.
  • Bring powder if you tend to get shiny – that’s it.  Any blemishes will be edited in post
  • Be sure you’re moisturized and have lip balm.  Nothing worse than flaky skin and cracked lips in a shot


Feel free to bring a friend with you.  They can help you relax and can even help assist (nothing major, just holding a reflector, making sure the hair is good, etc.)

Think about what you want to say in your photo.  If you’re bubbly and energetic, bring that!

Wear the right clothes, have the right attitude.  If you want something more dramatic, think that way.

I can do a lot with lighting and composition, but I’m still capturing you.

If you’ve seen headshots or photographs (in magazines, wherever) that you like, bring them or email them to me. This will help me see what direction you want to take your session.

This will be fun!  I’m pretty easygoing and will make you feel like a star, I promise!